Another Reason to Keep Your Real Life Name Out of Second Life

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Second Life News

Recently a World of Warcraft player has had her political aspirations smeared by the Republican Party for things that her World of Warcraft avatar has said. This seems like a new low even for politicians. It’s just another reason you may not want to link your RL name with your SL name if you can help it. Same goes for your RL Facebook linking to your SL avatar.

As most people know, I always stay out of politics, but this new low set by the Republican Party is wrong on so many levels, especially because it represents what must not become a new trend for online worlds. That said, if you would like to show your support for Colleen, please visit her website at

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    • Can says:

      Thanks Heloise and K. Last night I was able to get a friend to see it by opinneg the xml file with notepad and then copying it to a notecard in sl then having them paste it again into their sky folder. It worked but I can’t expect anyone to go to all that trouble. I like the idea of Rapidshare Heloise, have not used that before but that would make it easier. Also saw on Torleys website an installer for a bunch of skies he made.

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